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I am a lecturer at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and I conduct research on learning environments for engineering design.

I am a sixth grade teacher and the technology co-director for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project. I am intrigued by how digital technology can transform the way we communicate and collaborate and compose.

As I wander in our motorhome, and across the web, I find a new joy in scholarship freed from institutional constraints.

I am a founder of the Viral Academy, where I teach a number of Courses , and am aiming to include SFW in the toolkit we use.

I am Terry. I teach. I write. I farm. I husband. I am a lucky man.

I'm a subject librarian at the University of Otago in Dunedin , New Zealand.

Itinerant edtech web geek, barking and growling and playing on the web since 1993 with an HTML Tutorial archived . Recent years been pushing a lot of old school RSS Syndication via Wordpress cogdogblog .

Formal bio: Audrey Watters is a writer who focuses on education technology -- the relationship between politics, pedagogy, business, culture, and ed-tech.

I am (in no particular order)

I work as a college English instructor in West Palm Beach, FL, USA, after a long professional life as a technology director in college and K12. I set up my first fully computerized and networked academic support lab for the University of Houston-Victoria in 1983.

Hi, my name is Jeff Rimland and I'm an Instructor and Research Associate at Penn State's College of Information Sciences and Technology, where I enjoy working with Penn State's Center for Online Innovation in Learning (COIL).

As one of Viral Academy Teachers my main interest is Distributed Team Work and Web based Project Management Tools supporting it.

My Bio

I'm a faculty developer & teacher educator at the American University in Cairo's Center for Learning & Teaching (official title Associate Professor of Practice). I research a variety of things (see more in my About Me page )

I've worked in educational technology since the 1990s. I'm currently exploring applications of federated wiki to education.

I teach digital writing and rhetoric at Bemidji State University, in northern Minnesota, US. I've been using and teaching with wikis since 2004.

Consultant and researcher in education.

Cinema audience historian at the University of Wollongong, Australia. Also educational designer with a focus on spatial and navigational models for thinking and learning.

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I am a professor at Macomb Community College in Michigan, where I mainly teach composition. I've done some work with wikis in the past, but this is the most technical thing I have done in years! I'm interested in this project for the pedagogical possibilities.

I'm an archaeologist by training, a digital dilettante by inclination, and a digital humanist by the seat of my pants!

I'm a Coordinator of Faculty Support and Instructional Design at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

I work with the Sprout Fund as the project manager on technology for the City of Learning, Open Badges, and Remake Learning work in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I'm pleased to participate in federated wiki happenings. I sometimes write a bit defensively about the wiki technology. I also have broad interests and will try to contribute here on subjects of interest to this community.

Hello! My name is Emily and I am the Sally W. Kalin Librarian for Learning Innovations at Penn State. I provide instruction, reference, and outreach services to undergraduate students and have an MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh.

I'm a programmer at Braintree (PayPal) in Chicago, and before that I interned at Khan Academy.

I just accepted a position as the Director of Educational Technology & Media at Seattle Pacific University.

Mura Nava teaches English as a foreign language in Paris, France.

I'm Don Gorges in Toronto with a career in Visual Communications Creative Services i.e. Open Design Studio-Labs and self-directed Research in Development of a Personal Learning API.

Jenny Mackness is an independent online education consultant, specialising in content authoring, teaching and facilitating national and international online courses in Higher Education.

I was born a poor political theorist.

English expat in Glasgow

I'm Thomas Kalka from Potsdam, Germany. I've studied physics, worked as a programmer and now work as opera singer and teacher on a small school led by self-directed learning principles.

I am a professor at Macomb Community College in Michigan, where I mainly teach composition. I've done some work with wikis in the past, but this is the most technical thing I have done in years! I'm interested in this project for the pedagogical possibilities.

Lisa Chamberlin, eLearning Director of Walla Walla Community College, and explorer of all things tech-related...often without reading the directions. (Boldy going where a few have gone before).

I'm an elementary school principal who's worked with wikis for quite a while now. I'm excited to explore this Teaching Machines Happening on Federated Wiki with Audrey Watters and Michael Caulfield. So far so good. Twitter: @chaugen Voxer: chauge147

Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Technology & Associate Professor at Royal Roads University

I'm a software engineer and open education nerd. I work a lot with open standards in the edtech space.

I've been playing/working with/thinking about things digital since 1968. While I am still working out what I want to do when and if I grow up, I have been teaching about, researching and writing about the digital and education since the mid 1980's.

I can't think what to say about myself at the moment. A set of bullet points that summerises me (in the usual useless manner of a powerpoint slide)...

I’m the Innovation Technology Officer at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga , Australia.

I'm interested in computer programming, music, and a little of everything else.

I am a mathematician, teaching and researching in Zurich.

I make software. I’ve spent many years developing in Java and have enjoyed using Spring and Hibernate. Lately I’ve been using Groovy and Grails in addition to Java to create SaaS web applications that help track finances for large institutions.

Writing in an emergency shelter, Olympic National Park, WA


I am a Masters student at Carnegie Mellon University studying educational technology. I'm interested in seeing the whole picture rather than the picture that my research first school might present.